Kiera Williams

New York City Creative

As a creative of many titles, Kiera aspires to inspire, creating content that moves people to think about the impact they can make. She's an artist, entrepreneur, and more.

Projects and campaign

As an actress, model, influencer, and developing filmmaker, Kiera is constantly on the move between collaborations.

As an influencer, Kiera does not take the title lightly. She chooses quality over quantity, prioritizing collaborations with brands that have ethical and sustainable practices. She has partnered with Origins, Wilder North, Covergirl, and Som Sleep. In the future she hopes to collaborate with adventure and experience centered brands.

Kiera is currently signed to SKorpian Management, an exclusive modeling agency in New York. As a model, Kiera has been featured in campaigns for Steven Madden, New York Cares, and Nappy Head Club.

In the world of film and television, Kiera is just getting her feet wet. She is currently working on a documentary series focused on impact driven college students in New York City.


Founded by Kiera in 2016, Project Encouragement is a global campaign advocating kindness and compassion. Project encouragement strives to bring change through action-based positivity. ♥ The project has raised funds for causes like global education and brain research. As an online movement, it seeks to connect impact driven people across the globe and educate people on how they can make a difference.

Beach Temple is a wellness brand cultured in individuality and creativity. It seeks to promote self expression and create an open community for conversation about mental health. 10% of profits are donated to non-profits that support mental health research and legal reform. No matter your battles, your struggles are valid. You are not defined by your failures and adversity. Because of them, you have flourished. You are your temple. Beach Temple.

In the past, Kiera has volunteered with organizations including the National Kidney Foundation, Relay for Life, Acts of Random Kindness, and more! She is currently a benefit committee board member for Reach the World, a non-profit that makes the benefits of travel accessible to classrooms, inspiring students to become curious, confident global citizens. Enabled by our digital platform, classrooms and volunteer travelers explore the world together.


Kiera Williams is an American model, actress, filmmaker. Having developed a passion for the performing arts at a young age, she has set out to change the world through her art. She began dancing at the age of three, dabbling with various instruments at the age of five, and has been singing since she could talk. She is now a film student and flourishing public figure.

When she's not running between castings/auditions or planning out her next business move, she is focused on social impact. Whether it be through volunteering, spearheading events, or creating motivational videos, she never ceases to make a difference. In pursuit of change, she also takes on new adventures, challenging herself with new hobbies.

In the next decade, she hopes to be a leading influencer in both the art and business worlds all whilst running a nonprofit that provides business opportunities to underprivileged youth.


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